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Frequently Asked  Questions

Why should I hire GreenLeaf Designs over the other guys?

     Simple, we are professional, detail oriented and very affordable. We really focus on the three very important things in residential design: Providing a Balance, Function and Style.  It also helps that we provide the Best Price in town. Including the personal elements of a family's lifestyle into function is key to the Design Process. Our process starts by first listening to you, asking questions, and making note of your needs, goals and style. Our focus is on understanding and implementing what matters to you and what works best for you.

     We are known for identifying potential obstacles early and then turning them into design opportunities when possible. Rather than allowing a hurdle to dictate our design, we find creative and functional ways to give you something unique, while solving the issue. We use space, lighting, color, distinct details and innovative structures to create a design that offers a unique and distinct living space that flows well for our Clients daily activities. 

     Additionally, we believe that the design process should be very enjoyable and a satisfying endeavor for everyone involved, we make the process organized, fun and exciting; that's what separates us from every one else!

How much do designs cost?

     The cost of preparing plans differs greatly depending on many factors including the size, complexity, extent to which the plans are to be completed, involvement of various engineers and the amount of design work that needs to be provided. Drawings are completed in several stages. The extent to which the plans are to be completed is dependent upon the needs the Client, the scope of the project and the needs of your builder.

     Preliminary drawings consist of floor plans and exterior elevations. They are typically intended to just give an idea of the layout and the appearance of the house. These drawings tend to be fairly inexpensive and are a great way to get preliminary constructions costs and Structural drawings are done in addition to the preliminaries and include door and window schedules, foundation plan, framing plans, wall sections and a roof plan. Mechanical drawings consist of electrical and lighting plans, HVAC plans, and plumbing plans. They typically are completed in addition to both the preliminary and structural drawings, but can be done without structural drawings in most cases.

     These are the typical stages that can be completed for residential drawings. There is a wide range of services that can be completed and depending on what is required, the cost will vary accordingly.  A good rule-of-thumb is that custom homes plans will typically cost between $1.25 - $2.00 per square foot or a standard 2,500 SF home goes for about $3,500, more if very difficult or complicated. 

How long does it take to complete a set of plans?

     The time it takes to complete a set of residential construction drawings depends on many factors including the complexity of the design, the extent to which the drawings are to be completed, and our current workload. Client feedback and involvement also plays an important role in the time required. 

     A typical set of full construction drawings can be completed in two to four weeks.  No matter the time involved in the creation, by the time we are done designing the project, you will know each nook and cranny and really feel good about what your about to build.  Its a truly fun process.

Do I need to get construction plans?

     YES!!! There are five important reasons it is necessary to have construction drawings prepared for your new house or your remodeling project.

     First, and perhaps most importantly, it helps to ensure your house is properly constructed to your needs, wants and concept. Second, it minimizes the chance that your Builder will not fully understand your ideas and intentions. Third, if you are bidding to multiple contractors it helps to ensure the contractors are bidding competitively and not excluding items, it allows for a true 'Apples-to-Apples' bid comparison. Fourth, most municipalities require them for permits and most banks require them for loans. Lastly, it helps you make sure you get what you want out of the finished project once construction is complete.

Can I just use plans I found on the internet?

     NO!!! But they do help with gatting to a starting point on your new floorplan.  With the varying requirements of local municipalities and building codes being constantly updated, it is difficult for online plans to address the code requirements of Building Departments. Every jurisdiction has its own Land Use Codes that specifies setbacks, height limits and a host of other requirements. Rarely are any of these codes provided for or addressed with stock/generic home plans purchased from websites or books.

     It is true that plans on the internet and in plan books can typically be purchased for less than hiring a designer. This is because these plans typically do not include all the drawings necessary for construction, are not specifically designed for your needs, and are not properly designed to meet the requirements of the local climate and codes. They offer these plans at lower rates because they can sell the same plan multiple times. 

     The best use of online plans is to identify design features, home finishes and overall style of the home and bring those pieces back to your Designer so that those pieces can be incorporated into something perfect for your needs, intentions and concepts.